Website Bio Photo Hi!  I’m Shawn and welcome to my new venture, Art By U.

Art by U Studio and Gallery is a “Paint Your Own Pottery Shop” located in Omro’s “Heritage” District of downtown Omro located at 117 W. Main St.

Art by U is an art studio providing a large assortment of bisqueware (clay that has been molded into an object and fired in a kiln one time) ready for you to glaze. Once your bisqueware is glazed, it will be fired in a kiln again, finishing the process, producing the final shiny sealed pottery piece, ready for your enjoyment.

Art by U is a gallery providing opportunities for local artists to display their talented pieces with sales available.  Art by U supports local high schools young artists and displays an “Artist of the Month” for Winneconne and Omro High School.  Art by U also hosts a “Senior Spotlight” recognizing an artist of senior years.

Art by U provides party packages for adults and children.  We serve wine, soda, water, and snacks, but we welcome party goers to bring their own food for parties if desired.