An artist’s inspiration…

Have you ever thought about what truly inspires you?  For me, I am inspired through my senses.  I think most people are, as this is how we intake our surroundings.  I find God’s paintings with nature, sunsets, flowers, fall leaves, trees, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, it is absolutely endless.  I listen to beautiful musical pieces that blow me away, and can bring me to tears with the words or instrument melodies.  I see paintings and photos that embed in my memory all of the fine details or brush strokes. I am facinated by people’s talents and how they can express themselves through their pieces.  I love to hear what inspired a piece for an artist and how it evolved to a finished work.

As an artist you hold pieces you have done very close to your heart and a particular piece I hold close to mine is my “After Rhodesia” oil painting that hangs in my shop.  This piece was a HS art project that took me several weeks to complete.  I remember skimming through National Geographic magazines looking for an inspiration to cover this large 5 ft x 4 ft white canvas and finally found “After Rhodesia”.  I saw a photo of a man with his arms resting over a fence rail and thought, “he needs to be much bigger than a dinky little magazine photo”.  I worked for several weeks, redoing, and spending any study hall or extra class time I could.  My HS art teacher, Mrs. Rosenberger, was an awesome teacher, encouraging and guiding my talents, which kept me from getting discouraged when I would want to “start all over” with my piece.  She is a true inspiration for me, and has the patience of a saint.

As an artist, I feel you are the most critical of your work.  You want it to be perfect.  You have a vision of what you want your piece to be, but sometimes, your mind doesn’t deliver the message to your hands, or so you think…but, it actually does, likely to a level we truly can’t comprehend, but when you step back, look deeper than your brush stokes, your identity is staring back at you.

after rhodesia

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