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Omro High School Artist Evan McNeal


Meet Evan McNeal!

Evan is a Senior at Omro High School with future plans to becoming an Art teacher.  Inspired by impressionists you can see her talents shine in her pieces.

Evan writes:

In many ways, I am inspired by Impressionism, and how while looking at an image, it doesn’t fully come together until it is finished.  I like how many Impressionist artists simplify their works so it looks pleasing to the eye, but still has a layer of complexity to it.  I especially like the works of Van Gogh and his use of bright vibrant colors and how you can see  in his painting that he spent a lot of time layering the colors to get it to look right.

While creating these pieces, my intentions were to create pieces that looked pleasing while still giving me an opportunity to explore the mediums themselves.  I wanted to see how much I could do with the limited amount of resources and time I was given to work on them.  While my pieces don’t really have any special issues to bring to attention, I did want to show the idea of jumping out of the box and being excited to try a medium you’ve never tried before, or a medium that you brushed aside because you didn’t like the way the piece came out the first time around you tried it.  I wanted my pieces to show that it’s good to touch upon more than just one medium because you’ll never know what you will like doing more than others.

Come see her works in person currently on display at ART by U!