Party Packages


Pottery Party to Go Package

Includes:  Art by U will provide the pottery, glazes, brushes, rags, clean up at a location of your choice.  You provide tables and chairs.  Water will need to be available.  Contact 920.658.3431 to discuss pricing.

Adult Party Package

Includes:  One alcoholic or one non-alcoholic beverage of your choice of pottery $18 or under.

*5 Person Minimum

$20 per person

“Tween & Teen” Party Package

Includes:  One can of soda, juice jug, or bottle of water, and your choice of pottery $15 or under.  One memory tile included ($12 value).

*5 Person Minimum-18 Person Maximum

$15 per person

“Young Ones” Party Package

Includes:  One choice of pottery from Young Ones party selection (range from $12-$6). One memory tile included ($12 value).

*5 Child Minimum-15 Child Maximum

$10 per child

Extra Info….

Feel free to bring your own food for party package events.  Please bring utensils, paper plates, napkins, etc… to accommodate your party goers 🙂

Plan on “about” two hours of party time for Adult Party Package and Tween/Teen Party Package.  Plan “about” one and half hours for Young Ones Party Package.

Young Ones Party goers must have supervision.

Any party goer can upgrade to a different bisqueware piece if they prefer, the difference will be added individually.

Contact Art by U to schedule date, time & details

Call/Text:  920.658.3431

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